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Why Selling Car Parts on eBay Motors is a Lucrative Business in 2020

Founded in 1995 by Pierre Omidyar, eBay is most likely the ultimate success story to come out of the dot-com bubble. In the western hemisphere of the world, one would be hard pressed to find a consumer who hasn’t purchased something from an eBay vendor at least once in their lifetime.

With that said, why aren’t more businesses utilizing eBay as an alternative marketing strategy in 2019? One industry, in particular, need not answer that question, as it has virtually taken eBay by storm.

With more and more individuals becoming automotive DIYers, the auto parts industry has exploded on eBay, making eBay Motors the world’s top third-party online auto parts bazaar. For those auto parts companies that haven’t yet done so, now is the time to start selling car parts on eBay.

The Health of the Global Automotive E-Tailing Market

According to the Norman Gazette, an independent online media outlet, the “global automotive e-tailing market” is poised to reach $12 billion by 2024. The report goes on to state:

This market is primarily driven by the growing internet-based shopping trends. E-tailing is the fastest growing retail sector in the automotive aftermarket sector and is becoming a significant revenue stream for auto parts sales.

In addition to that, an article published on GoAutoNews in 2018 reported that eBay had over 13 million listings for auto parts, while its My Garage feature offered approximately one million vehicles for sale. And it’s not only consumers flocking to eBay to buy and sell vehicle parts. Dealerships and auto parts companies are also using eBay to find rare auto parts, as well as to increase their marketing radius.

In the United States, OpenBay partnered with eBay Motors in December 2017 “to provide the availability of millions of searchable automotive parts and accessories for its online marketplace for auto repair and service,” according to a press release published by Cision PR Wire. This is huge for those dealerships and auto parts resellers looking to expand their business.

Leaders within the auto parts industry have already started utilizing eBay’s momentum to broaden their brand’s marketing strategy. For those managing an auto parts business, there has been no other time like now to use eBay in a way that augments your present marketing strategy. For this reason, listed below are a few tried and true eBay marketing strategies that will provide auto parts wholesalers and resellers an extra edge.

First Things First: Understand How eBay Works

The eBay Market place is an extremely effective way for both automotive dealers and resellers to sell auto parts online. This fact is extenuated by statistics showing that more and more of these businesses are moving their auto parts market to the eBay Marketplace.

Anyone of them will tell you that one of the most fundamental aspects of successfully marketing and selling on eBay Motors Parts and Accessories is understanding the selling basics. For example, eBay’s performance standards can make or break a seller if not adhered to.

Top-Rated Seller Perks

Top-rated sellers are rewarded with “final value fee discounts” and are eligible to receive a quarterly $30 credit to create promoted listings campaigns. Additionally, the $30 credit can be used to advertise on eBay’s most viewed pages.

Penalties for Below Standard Sellers

According to eBay’s Performance Standards page, “Final value fees for sellers who do not meet eBay’s minimum performance standards will increase by 4 percentage points on items sold on or after May 1, 2017.”

Why Selling On eBay Motors Parts and Accessories Is Worth It

In short, eBay lists eight reasons on its seller information page why your auto parts business should seriously consider selling on eBay.

  • Every two seconds a car or truck part is sold on eBay
  • Every five seconds a wheel or tire part is sold on eBay
  • Every three seconds an exterior part is sold on eBay
  • Every ten seconds an engine component is sold on eBay
  • Every 1.5 seconds a brake part (rotor, disc, or other hardware) is sold on eBay
  • Every 60 seconds a shock absorber or strut is sold on eBay
  • Every 2.5 minutes a brake shoe or brake pad is sold on eBay

Auto Parts Companies Use eBay as a Jumping-Off Point for Further Growth

Since eBay allows sellers and buyers to communicate directly, it’s quite easy to build a report with loyal customers. On top of that, DIYers aren’t the only ones who purchase eBay auto parts. Auto repair shops, custom car builders, racing teams, and other commercial entities often turn to eBay’s Motors Parts and Accessories site seeking parts they can’t find locally.

It’s not difficult to see the possibilities. As the number of commercial buyers grows, a small to medium-sized eBay car parts business can very well transform into a wholesale distributor. This holds especially true when considering niche products such as specialized high-performance auto parts. Furthermore, as the global market expands, foreign consumers looking to buy American-made parts will open an entirely new market.

Use Your eBay Store to Drive More Traffic to Your Own Business Website

One may wonder why is it necessary to maintain a company website if they’re managing a physical auto parts business and an eBay store. However, the ultimate goal of every business should be to operate its own website. The best way to benefit from both platforms in tandem is by offering special products and deals on the company website that isn’t available on the eBay shop.

By having an eBay store, your brand is able to stand out amongst the competition. The thing is, while you’re busy trying to grow your brand, you may not have time to learn about the things that make an eBay marketing strategy work 100 percent.

This is why we started OEM Interactive’s eBay Marketplace Management Services: to help your brand start selling more auto parts on eBay more easily and profitably. By assisting your brand in product listing optimization, paid advertising, feed optimization and more.

Contact us today to learn more about how you can start using eBay Marketplace as an effective way to sell auto parts online.

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