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5 Reasons Why You Should Sell Auto Parts On Amazon

Online auto parts resellers and automotive dealerships alike, may all be thinking, “Should I be selling auto parts and accessories on Amazon?” It’s a common question, so we’ve detailed a list of 5 exciting Amazon automotive statistics that may help you decide.

1.) Online auto parts sales continue to grow at a rate of 16% per year.

Sales are forecasted to be near $16 billion in online sales in 2021, and $152 billion in auto parts & accessory sales will be influenced by digital means by 2021. Conversely, sales of auto parts at bricks-and-mortar retail shops will continue to decline.  Here’s a list of the top selling auto parts and accessories on Amazon.

2.)  70% of all car parts sold in the US (estimated 7.5 billion) are sold on Amazon and eBay.

For Amazon, its parts and accessories business has been one of its fastest growing segments as it continues to attract more direct business from suppliers and car companies.

3.)  Amazon receives 183 million unique visitors each month.

Marketing your auto parts on this eCommerce powerhouse creates aa great opportunity to reach more customers who are looking for car parts on Amazon.

4.)  64% of US households have an Amazon Prime account.

This means an estimated 80 million Americans are Amazon Prime members. Amazon will continue to introduce new options—making the service even more enticing for consumers to join.

5.) 55% of US online shoppers begin their product search on

From 2015 to 2018, Amazon surpassed Google for product searches. The two tech powerhouses switched places with Amazon growing from 46% to 54% and Google declining from 54% to 46%.

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