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TrueView for Google Shopping Campaigns

TrueView for Shopping

YouTube recently announced that they will be rolling out a new feature to migrate with your Google PLA Shopping campaigns called TrueView for Google shopping.

So what is it and how does it work?  Simple, say you are looking for or watching a DIY video on YouTube about how to change the alternator belt on your 2007 Honda Accord.  While that video is playing the advertiser now has the ability to link their Product Feeds through integration with their Google Merchant Center account to serve related ads or in this case products/parts to the viewer.

The ads will be served as “cards”.  These cards are laid on top of the video to the right or just below the video on mobile.   By serving the ads on videos it provides advertisers an easy and seamless way to inform viewers about more products and services about their brand.  It also has been show to increase brand recall.


Frankly, this is a great idea and opportunity for advertisers as well as consumers.  Especially in the automotive parts marketing world.  I know that from personal experience before I decide to fix something myself I always look for a DIY video to ensure that I am not biting off more than I can chew.  If I think that I can knock out the project after watching the video I then go and search for the part that I am looking for and purchase it.

Having the ability to serve related Google shopping ads on the video that users are watching will increase the likelihood that they will purchase your products.  It saves them time and potentially multiple steps before they purchase.  To date, early tests of TrueView for shopping have seen incredible results while some companies are seeing 3X revenue increase per impression served.  To learn more about TrueView shopping campaigns for your parts website contact us today.


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