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Top Website Branding Tips

How to Use Your Website to Promote Your Brand

When you own a business, you have a brand to promote. Branding is what makes your business unique from other businesses in your industry. Once you have a brand, its time to market that brand to get your name out there!

The internet is an amazing tool to build your brand. However, like all tools, you need to use your website wisely to make it as effective as possible. Here are some of the best practices to help you make the most of your website.

  1. Know your audience

Step one is knowing your target audience. Who buys your product the most? Think of the age, gender, economic status, and lifestyle of your audience and keep this in mind throughout the marketing process. Remember that you don’t want to focus on what you like as an individual. You need to market to the people who will be buying the product. Once you establish your main audience, you can start to reach out to sub markets that you may have missed to build your brand even more.

2. Recognition

One of the most important things about branding is being recognizable. Some companies with the best practices have gotten so big that we can recognize them by the logo and nothing else: (Nike and Mcdonald’s to name a few). When you put the effort to create a logo and a website, you want people to be able to recognize it. Therefore, it’s important to create a logo that will leave an impression. Create a clever catchphrase or mascot. Incorporate your name into the logo so that people think of that name every time they see the logo.

3. Create the correct emotion

Make your image unique, and make sure that it invokes the proper reaction from the person who sees it. Colors can be a great tool to help create the proper emotion. For example, red generates a feeling of energy or fear, while blue and green are more calming. Even something as small as the font used on your website can help create the emotion that you’re looking for.

The writing on the website also sets the tone for the company. Are you looking to be playful and fun or informative and serious? Write in the style that suits your product and appeals to your audience. Remember to be appropriate, though. You can push customers away with poor taste.

4. Clarity

Have you ever gone to a website and not understood what the company does? I bet you didn’t do business with that company. Use clear language to describe your products so that people truly understand what you can offer them.

Make sure that your website is easy to navigate and that links accurately describe the content on that page. If the website confuses someone, you could lose that customer. Always make it super clear to purchase your product by making links to your online store stand out against everything else.

Avoid clutter on your website as well. When people have too many things to look at, they can get overwhelmed. Keep it simple and clean. This does not have to be boring, though! You can still use color and images to make things exciting without scaring away the potential customer.

5. Reviews

More and more people are using reviews to help them with everything from where to eat to what plumber to hire. This makes reviews great for branding! When people have good things to say about your brand, make sure that you share that with the people that visit your website. Create a page specifically for positive reviews, and you can even post a raving review on your main page.

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