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Social Media Tools To Help Improve Auto Parts Sales

There is no doubt that people love their cars and another love affair people have, is posting on social media. It is no surprise that many people take their Facebook profile pictures while in the driver’s seat. People share stories on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other social platforms while getting their cars serviced. They also ask for advice from friends on social when they need help, such as when their cars need repairs or parts. So, why aren’t you listening to your customers on social as a means of making more sales?

Social media marketing isn’t just about posting pictures of daily events. Effective marketing is also about listening to various channels for opportunities to serve your clients when they need help.

With the popularity of social marketing, platforms have also developed to help people manage this important task. We share our favorite social marketing platforms below and how they can help you with your marketing efforts.

Buffer allows you to schedule posts, track your posts, and manage multiple accounts in one dashboard. Buffer allows free users to post to Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram, and Google+. Premium users get even more accounts on more social platforms and get analytics features to gain a better understanding of your marketing efforts. Its easy use makes it a favorite among marketers.

HootSuite is another favorite of the marketing world. You can also manage and post to multiple accounts, but you can also set up streams for keywords such as “auto parts” and watch for opportunities. Need a little more training? HootSuite also offers on-demand videos to brush up on or advance your social skills.

Riding on the popularity of Instagram is Schedugram. This handy application allows you to schedule your Instagram posts, edit and rotate videos, and make posting to Instagram easier. Do you think posts of your happy customers would help drive business? You bet they will!

Have you ever wondered where all those great graphics you see on social channels come from? Canva helps anyone create beautiful graphics, thank you notes, and even greeting cards from day one. Canva is such a good graphics tool that many professional designers use Canva for lighter work such as banners, advertisements, holiday graphics, brochures, point-of-sale cards and other marketing uses. Canva also comes with helpful design tips so beginners can jump right in and begin creating beautiful marketing materials.

A content calendar is a great tool for scheduling posts around seasonal maintenance events for your customers. A content calendar can also help you keep track of posts for weekly and monthly events. No matter what events you are planning, a content calendar will help your team keep track of important timing and keep your messaging clear.

According to a Forbes magazine article on social marketing management tools, the biggest part of social media is humans. Staying in touch with your customers so you can stay relevant is the best way to make your social marketing work for your business.

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