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Promotions That Work

You are probably wondering what promotions to offer your current client base and potential clients as well. Luckily, we have put together this blog to show you the types of promotions actually bring in business!

Social Media Contests: You can use your social media accounts to reach your followers about upcoming offers. This is a good way to keep your current clients and followers up to date on what’s to come. Create a compelling offer such as a lucky winner will receive a certain prize today, share this post to be eligible to win, sign up today to receive $10 off your next visit. Using social media keeps your followers engaged and helps to promote your social media presence as well.

Using Coupons On Your Website: This is a great way for customers to visibly see the offers you are promoting. When they click on the coupon, your webpage should direct them to see more regarding the coupon being presented. Using compelling phrases such as Limited Time Offer or Hurry Offer Ends Soon, creates a sense of urgency for the potential client to convert on your advertisement.

First Time Customer Incentives: An incentive for first-time customers is a great way to obtain a new customer. Use an offer to capture their attention and make it worth their while to be your new customer. You will want to do some market research to see what your competitors are offering their first-time customers.

Buy 2 Get 1 Free Offers: Use these types of offers when customers have to buy more of one thing, such as tires or brake pads. If you can’t afford to actually give the item to your customer for free, then offer a certain dollar amount off. Customers respond better when the business offers $25 off versus 25% off because they can understand and compute the math better when given a dollar amount. Another way to use this promotion is to offer a complimentary service when they purchase their parts. Either show the customer how to install the parts (without actually doing the service) or if your company provides installation services, offer a discounted amount for the installation if the customer has purchased parts from your store.

Email Marketing: It is economically friendly, cost-effective and a good way to keep in contact with your current clients. You do not have to pay for postage or printing materials. Instead, you can create an email blast showing your customers what offers you are promoting, and they can click through to your website or social media page to learn more. Email marketing is also a great way to increase your brand awareness. In your email, you can provide the coupons that were mentioned above and drive that same traffic to your website to convert. Marketing Land reported 65% of all digital media time is represented by mobile users. Consumers are constantly on their phones, so an email blast would be the perfect way to reach out and capture their attention with your holiday promotions.

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