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How To Use Video To Build Your Brand


The amount of people watching video on platforms like YouTube has exploded in the past few years. If you’re selling automotive products on the Internet and haven’t taken advantage of this form of media, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to get the word out about the message that you want to spread. Using video to build your brand is one of the most effective ways to form an audience who appreciates what you have to offer.


Why Branding Is Important

You have probably established the e-commerce software for the products that you sell, have a website, a logo, and specific colors in your website design that fit well with the online auto parts industry. With these necessities in place, it’s time that you focus on your branding so that customers understand what you specifically represent — this is your identity, passions and how you want to be thought of by potential customers and your existing community of fans.


Content Creates a Foundation

To begin building your brand by using video, you need to determine the type of content that will attract the people who you want to join your community. This requires you to choose relevant topics that fans in the automotive industry will want to watch. There’s a few ways that you can determine what to produce.

  • See what others in your industry are producing and create something that adds value
  • Use a tool like Google Keyword Planner to see what topics have high search numbers
  • Ask your tribe via social media such as Facebook or Twitter

Of course, you’ll want to use videos that give the mechanical instruction on how to use the parts, kits and bundles that you sell. However, don’t just stop there. Include ideas on how to increase performance and show the value of why it’s smart to use safe, high-quality auto parts. By using these ways to choose topics, you should end up with enough ideas to get started. Now you want to think about how to portray your message.


Unique Qualities

Your business has a unique personality. This makes you different from other competitors in the auto parts niche. There will be people who appreciate the type of personality that you portray. It’s your job to stay consistent with this so that they become loyal fans.

The use of images is also an important aspect of how you want to be seen. Are you a laid-back company or a no-nonsense business. Take a cue from popular videos that are produced by others in your niche and see what makes them stand out. Of course, you don’t want to be a copycat — create the image that best suits your online auto parts store.

Your target market also has unique qualities that you should identify. Think about their demographics and create videos that you know will be liked and shared. The concept for each production should have an end goal of creating a feeling for your audience. You can tap into their emotions by creating scenes that excite them, build anticipation or create trust. By doing this on a consistent basis with each production that you upload, it will make them comfortable with the values that you represent.


Be Found Everywhere

After you create your videos, it’s imperative that you share them everywhere that is possible. This will ensure that you reach as many people as you can to share your message. The best way to do this is to tap into the power of social media platforms. After you upload to YouTube, also share your video on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. You can also boost your presence on the web by incorporating live productions into the mix. Periscope, YouTube and Facebook all offer this ability.


Keep Your Identity Consistent

Be sure to use the same colors in your videos that are associated with your website. This will allow people to quickly recognize your company when they see one of your videos on YouTube or other social media sites. They’ll immediately know that it’s your account and want to follow your postings. Also, be sure to keep the social handles that you use consistent so that you can easily be recognized. This helps solidify the engagement with your current customers and people who you want to bring into your community.


Create Calls To Action

After you’ve gone to all this work to engage with your audience, use your trust and influence to benefit the people who watch your videos, read your blog posts and follow you on Facebook. You provide the solutions to their automotive challenges and should guide them to the sales pages that will help them. Do this by mentioning what you have to offer and also ask them to interact with you by leaving comments, up votes or likes.

By following these steps, you’ll soon find that branding your auto parts web store pays off over time as you become recognizable, trusted and a leader that people want to watch and follow.

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