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Co-op: Are You Using All Of Your Resources?

Are You Using All Your Resources - Automotive Parts Marketing

Most dealers have access to co-op programs that will reimburse them for ad spend budget to promote the online parts store or in-house auto sales. If you are one of those dealers that has a co-op, but is not utilizing it for your parts department, then let OEM Interactive help you to tap into this valuable advertising support. A healthy budget helps to keep your store name at the top of search results when customers are looking on search engines to find parts for their vehicle.

If your co-op has specific requirements that must be met in order to cover costs please let us know so that we can formulate a marketing strategy that fits into the covered services. OEM Interactive has created campaigns targeted toward specific parts, makes and models. We want to be a resource to you in finding the best way to take advantage of all resources given to you. If you have questions about co-op spend then give us a call today!

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