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The Benefits of a Google Trusted Store Badge

Benefits of Google Trusted Store Badge

Mark Your Presence With a Google Trusted Store Badge

Receiving positive feedback from consumers is a major boost for businesses of all sizes. When merchants consistently deliver a wide, convenient product selection, good customer service and affordable pricing with fast shipping, it brings them one step closer gaining Google’s Trusted Stores badge.


Benefits of Getting a Google Trusted Store Badge

Getting a Google Trusted Badge is well worth any adjustments online merchants need to make to complete Google’s application process. This is especially the case with startup businesses or small, privately owned shops. When coupled with good SEO marketing strategies, gaining the Trusted Badge status is something that businesses of this nature can benefit from in the following ways:

1) Having the ability to establish trust among consumers who know little or nothing about their products or services

2) Gaining an edge over like competitors. The Google Trusted Badge program provides a huge volume of customer reviews and allows members access to review extensions which they can use to promote their ads.

3) Having the convenience of displaying seller ratings in the form of a five-star format for consumers to review.

The Setup Process

Since its inception in 2012, many U.S. merchants have applied for the Google Trusted Store Badge. And now that Google has relaxed some of its restrictions and simplified the application process, it is expected that a huge number of new merchants will join the ranks. The main restriction that merchants must be aware of before they apply to this program is to meet baseline customer support functions within one business day and to also maintain a monthly average of 200 orders. Now that Google has integrated a new and improved technical integration process, merchants can quickly create an account that allows Google to monitor their business performance. Just recently, Google has made improvements to the Trusted Store Badge program that enhances merchants’ user experience such as:

  • Permitting online merchants to select the location where they want the Google Trusted Stores badge to appear on site.
  • Permitting the Trusted Stores Badge to appear on https:// websites, as well as checkout pages.
  • Requiring advertisers to add only two code snippets to their website for technical integration.

Regardless of the reasons why Google suddenly wanted to perform an overhaul of its
Trusted Stores Program, it is invaluable for merchants to apply for a Trusted Stores Badge as soon as possible, since consumers automatically feel more comfortable interacting with their business.

Once the consumer sees the Google Trusted Store logo on a merchant’s site, they can receive details about a store’s shipping reliability and customer service performance by hovering their cursor over this logo which may also include time to delivery, e-mail response time and rate of returns metrics.

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