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The goal is simple, SELL MORE CARS! That’s what we do. Our team has grown ordinary dealerships into top performers in their region as well as some #1 in the country. Want to drive more leads in your showroom? Of course you do. Find out what we can offer your dealership today.

Data Driven Results

Data is everything when it comes to marketing your dealership. We utilize as much of a dealer’s DMS data and in-market data from companies like Oracle, Polk, Equifax, just to name a few. This data helps us develop a marketing strategy that is customized for your dealership.

Fully Integrated

Selling cars is about creating a clear and consistent line of communication to potential consumers across as many consumer touch points as possible. Each medium needs to reinforce what the other is doing in order to maximize the overall efficiency of your marketing campaigns. From PPC, SEO, Social Media, TV or Radio—we will put together a campaign that will deliver results.


Target the right customers at the right time. Leverage geographic, behavior, psychographic and more solutions to increase your car sales.


We are a no BS agency that focuses on getting to the point—generating as many qualified leads as possible to your showroom. Our team has worked with the biggest dealerships in the country and has a proven track record for success. We know what works and are not going to waste your time on clever, branded name strategies to up-sell you. Our demographic and behavior targeting strategies allow you to get the most out of every dollar you spend.

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Let OEM interactive handle all the dirty work so you can focus on what you do best, Sell More Cars!