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3 Ways To Increase Sales For Your Automotive Parts Website

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In the current year, the auto-parts marketing industry is worth over $7 billion. Specialists projected that sales would grow by a respectable amount in 2017, and the industry has yet to show any signs of slowing down. Whether your livelihood comes from selling parts online or it’s supplemental income for your business, you have a very lucrative opportunity to make an impact if you market your site correctly. The following techniques are some of the best ways that you can conduct auto-parts marketing in a more effective manner.

Invest in the help of an auto parts marketing agency

Much like businesses that enlist the help of an advertising agency who specialize in traditional marketing for their radio and TV buys, hiring an agency that specializes in ecommerce for auto parts and accessories is no different. It’s advantageous to hire companies who specialize in their field so you get the best results. Seems like a no brainer, right? If you are going to invest in an online parts business, it’s imperative that you hire a company that is able to speak your language, understand your business model and the customers you are targeting.

An auto parts marketing agency will have their finger on the pulse in the automotive industry unlike a general marketing agency. They will know how to optimize your website specifically for your target demographic of auto enthusiasts and auto parts buyers. They will also be well versed in all of the current digital trends, including updates to Google’s algorithm which affects how an ecommerce website is indexed.

Target your most brand-identifying keywords

Capitalizing upon the most valuable keywords will be essential for ensuring that your target market can reach you. Instead of attempting to rank for every single automotive keyword in the niche, it would be more beneficial to think about the unique selling proposition (USP) of your particular company.

What aspect of automotive business does your company deliver on more than anything else? Customer service? Fast and free shipping? Price match guarantees? When people are choosing between all of the different parts selling websites that they could go to, what exactly would it be that sets you apart? Find just two or three keywords that exemplify the main draw to your business, analyze the competition for those words, and see what you can do to secure a high ranking for it.

Always provide value

In addition to providing information about your services, you should also make an effort to provide valuable information about other aspects of the automotive industry, in general. Establishing yourself as an expert in the field will be essential for turning passionate enthusiast into loyal customers. Essentially, your conversions will increase if you act as a benefactor before acting as a salesman. Though different companies may offer similar services, those that give consumers the security of feeling well served by truly credible experts are the ones that succeed in the long term.

This is also known as branding your business — something many dealerships selling parts online do not do. You brand your dealership, so why wouldn’t you brand your online parts business? This is an extremely big area of opportunity to set yourself apart from the competition! Most dealerships have tunnel vision and are only concerned about month-to-month initiatives without taking into consideration sustainability. Companies that brand themselves may spend a little more time and money in the short run but they’ll be the ones who are still around in the future when their competition is long gone.


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