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10 eCommerce Strategies for the New Year


Change is in the air with the New Year. It’s time to make new resolutions and set new goals. The New Year is also a time for innovation for business owners. Stay ahead of the competition by developing new ways to improve your business. Let’s talk about 10 e-commerce strategies you can use to boost your sales in the New Year!

1. Utilize New Technology:

New technology can help you stand out from the competition, from AI-enabled customer service to virtual reality shopping. Investing in these technologies now will give you a significant advantage in the future. 

2. Focus on Mobile Shopping: 

More and more people are shopping on their phones. Your website should be mobile-friendly, and you should consider a mobile app so customers can buy more easily. 

3. Improve Your Website: 

Well-designed websites make a huge difference in customer experience. Use quality design, high-resolution images, or a user-friendly layout.  In a Dynamic Yield survey, 67% of users said that “pages and links being too small to click on” impeded mobile shopping.

4. Improve Your Search Engine Rankings: 

Customers can only buy from you if they can find you. Many customers are searching for you via voice command. Narvar reports found that 51% of shoppers use voice search to research items, so you might consider optimizing your product information pages for voice search. 

5. Enhance Customer Service: 

Customers expect quick responses and good customer service. Make the customer experience more enjoyable by investing in a customer service system that helps you quickly respond to inquiries and complaints. 

6. Create Loyalty Programs: 

It’s important to keep loyal customers. Give them loyalty programs or discounts so they’ll keep coming back. A recent article published by Forbes on the importance of Loyalty Programs stated that “81% of consumers say that Loyalty Programs make them more likely to continue doing business with brands, and 66% modify their spending patterns to maximize Loyalty benefits.”

7. Personalize Your Marketing: 

Marketing needs personalization. Create customized emails, target customer segments, and tailor your messaging. IBM’s research found that 61% of companies use automation software and tools worldwide, and 19% of the latter plans to use personalization in the next 12 months. 

8. Offer Multiple Payment Options: 

Paying for purchases should be convenient for customers. Make sure you accept credit cards and alternative forms of payment, like Apple Pay. Statista found in 2021, digital and mobile wallets accounted for roughly half of global e-commerce payment transactions, making the digital wallet the most popular online payment method worldwide.

9. Invest in Social Media: 

The power of social media is undeniable. Look for ways to increase visibility on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram by engaging with customers rather than just pushing sales messages. Looking ahead: Insider Intelligence project’s social commerce will be a $79.64 billion industry in the US by 2025. Social commerce is most popular among adult members of Gen Z: More than half of US social media users ages 18 to 24 have made purchases via a social channel.

10. Utilize Relationship-Building Strategies: 

The key to long-term success is building relationships with your customers. Show your customers you appreciate them with personalized thank-you notes, referral rewards, and special events. It pays to have a good business reputation.

Getting started on these strategies in the New Year is a great way to improve your e-commerce business. Make 2023 your best year with these 10 eCommerce strategies!

Best of luck!

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