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Toyota of Cool Springs Reaches $100,000 in Sales with OEM Interactive


Toyota of Cool Springs is a Toyota dealership near Nashville, Tennessee. Roman Cobb, Parts Manager at Cool Springs, contacted us in 2017 to start selling parts online and shipping to customers across the country. We started working on a fully integrated digital marketing plan to get their site in front of as many buyers looking for Toyota parts and accessories online as possible.

When the Cool Springs parts department reached out to our team, they had never made an online sale. After working with the OEM Interactive team, Toyota of Cool Springs managed to ship over 450 monthly orders, totaling $100,000 in sales within 90 days. They’ve generated even more growth since then and now make an average of more than 800 orders per month.

We knew that the Cool Springs team was missing out on thousands of dollars in sales every day, so we wanted to get their new site up and running as quickly as possible. During the initial consultation, we had a chance to learn more about their expectations and goals for the site in terms of deliverables and the timeline for the project.

From there, we performed a thorough competitive analysis to get a better idea of how Cool Springs stacked up against the competition in the parts ecommerce market. In the subsequent onboarding process, we totally repositioned their brand by making several key changes:

  • Reviewing and optimizing prices
  • Improving shipping practices
  • Updating website banners
  • Creating a real-time reporting dashboard
  • Setting up optimized abandoned cart email sequences
  • Establishing sales goals

Cobb noticed the impact overnight: “From the moment OEM and I set everything up, my orders took off. It was immediate. These guys listen to my ideas, and come up with their own in addition. It’s a real partnership where we are both achieving the goal of increasing our sales….OEM Interactive’s Marketing Services work so well compared to other marketing agencies because they specialize specifically in marketing auto parts and accessories online — their expertise and service is unmatched.”

Since the beginning of our partnership, their team has been able to increase sales every year. Toyota of Cool Springs used to simply be a dealership that sold some parts online, but it has become a well-known ecommerce brand over the last few years. In fact, the Cool Springs website now receives more than 20,000 unique monthly visitors, has a 4.8 Google Customer Review Rating and generates a monthly return on ad spend (ROAS) of over $40.

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