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Boston Volvo Increases Parts Sales Over 200%

Boston Volvo

Peter Vincent, Parts Manager at Boston Volvo, contacted OEM Interactive in 2015 with the goal of increasing their online auto parts and accessories sales. They ran a successful brick and mortar business but were unprofitable in the online space.

When OEM Interactive took over, we immediately restructured his Google Ads account to include a targeted mix of shopping, search and display remarketing. Many dealerships tend to use the same advertising strategies for the sales department and the parts department but that approach will greatly reduce your ROI. Consumers searching for parts and accessories online are much different than consumers looking to purchase a car—and pay per click campaigns need to be structured accordingly. The OEM Interactive team understands this difference and are experts at auto parts PPC advertising. Within the first 60 days, we were able to quadruple Boston Volvo’s return on ad spend (ROAS)—selling more parts at a fraction of the cost.

“Ever since we started working with OEM Interactive our parts sales have increased over 200%. They legitimately care about our business and go above and beyond the call of duty everyday.” -Peter Vincent, Boston Volvo Parts Manager

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